Drafting T-shirts Part 2

Today I will be showing the adjustments I made to my pattern. So far I have made three t-shirts. I have already written about the first. This post is about my second and third.


My second t-shirt was made from one of my older brother’s tees. Captain America is my favorite superhero. I said I wanted a Captain America t-shirt, so my brother gave me his old one. He is much bigger than I am, so simply taking in the sides wouldn’t work.


I also wanted it to fit better than my my hand drafted one did, so I based it off of a tee shirt that fits me well. This worked nicely.


I removed the neckline that was already on the shirt and madeĀ  my own. The shirt was largeĀ  to begin with and after removing the old neckline and hemming the new one the neckline ended up lower than I liked. Not a big problem but not one I anticipated.


I used my triple coverstitch for the neckline. I think it adds a nice touch.

The third looks almost identical to the first being made of the same fabric and pattern with small adjustments. I used my Captain America tee to show me were I needed to adjust the pattern.


I raised the armhole, and took in the side seams. I followed the same procedure as detailed in my last post.


These are the new patterns